• Use native date inputs and allow manually entering dates on the web version
  • Allow searching items from Variation Viewer
  • Add Scroll to Top button on Accept/Reject Profile screen
  • Better match items between Amazon and Walmart when toggling

Prep & Ship

  • Don't print item labels for commingled items when printing all labels for batches and shipments



  • Integrate with Walmart! After entering Wamart credentials from the settings, seamlessly search items across Amazon and Walmart.
    • Toggle between the two channels
    • Add Walmart items to your buylist
    • Display the channel on buylist items
    • Email Buylist includes the channel to easily upload walmart items to your WFS account
  • Make MSRP a button populate price
  • Move checkboxes in Settings to the left and closer to the corresponding setting

Prep & Ship

  • Add FNSKU to Add to Batch dialog
  • Add ability to convert batch items to case-packed items and visa versa
  • Product links for variation items links directly to the variation detail page


Prep & Ship

  • Print item labels when batch item quantity is incremented and Print item labels when listing setting is on
  • Auto-focus on Quantity input when editing batch items

Purchase Order

  • Auto-focus on Received Quantity input when editing items

Select value when focusing on inputs to easily enter a new value


Source Performance

  • Rename to Supplier Performance
  • Default to last 30 days
  • Add Refund quantity, Net Payout, and ROI
  • Performance enhancements


Prep & Ship

  • Batch-level case-packed setting automatically sets quantity in case == quantity if quantity in case is not provided
  • Link to Amazon Product page when clicking on product image in SKU view

Purchase Order

  • Allow fixing FNSKUs

Integrate with Aura Repricer!


Prep & Ship

  • Keep dialog open when in SKU view and clicking Print Item Labels button
  • Store tracking IDs for each box


Prep & Ship

  • Add shipment plan optimizer. Learn more. Only availible on the Optimizer Prime addon.
  • Combine all batch item filters into dropdown and clean-up styling
  • Add Split Type and Label Type batch item filters
  • Add batch-level case-packed setting. Note: It will automatically set quantity in case == quantity and overrides quantity in case if provided.
  • Improve Shipment Plan dialog style

Batch History

  • Add total box count and shipment tags to summary


Prep & Ship

  • Add sorting batch items by size tier


Prep & Ship

  • Placement Fee (in batch summary) enhancements
    • Add calculator button next to Placement Fee (and Estimate button in dropdown) to manually load the fees
    • Add setting to include items in shipments
    • Persist placement fee settings
  • Add net payout and ROI in dialog when listing individually


Bulk Inventory Update

  • A new screen to bulk update min/max price and inventory tags!

Prep & Ship

  • Add Placement Fee to batch summary. Requires the ScanPowerBar Chrome extension
  • Add Net Payout to batch summary and shipment summary if shipment was created in ScanPower
  • Removed Carryover batches. All error items will remain in the original batch
  • Show Add to Batch button in dialog's footer and automatically focus on Quantity input when listing individually and there is only one item. Hitting "Enter" while an input is focused adds the item to the batch

Purchase Order

  • Show Add to Purchase Order button in dialog's footer and automatically focus on Quantity input when listing individually and there is only one item. Hitting "Enter" while an input is focused adds the item to the purchase order

Manage UPC Mapping

  • Show Add to Mapping button in dialog's footer and automatically focus on Quantity input when listing individually and there is only one item. Hitting "Enter" while an input is focused adds the item to the mapping


Prep & Ship

  • Support shift click when selecting boxes in Print Box Labels
  • Save inventory tags even when shipments are imported

Integrate with Viably, a digital banking platform and working capital provider, designed to help ecommerce sellers scale.



  • New design!
  • Updated Sales and Profit graph to show last 30 days

Inventory Performance

  • New design!
  • Display product images in the details

Sales & Profit (previously known as Sales Report)

  • New design!
  • Display product images in the details
  • Add ability to show/hide Categories, Shoppers, Sources, and Shipments graphs
  • Add Add Refund Count and Quantity Sold to details


Sales Report

  • Add ability to update COGS

Prep & Ship and Purchase Order

  • Prep & Ship settings only shows label types available for selected printer
  • Respect the selected label type and generate a PDF when no printer is selected


Expirations Report

  • Exclude sold expiration dates
  • Add Batch and Shipment columns

Sales Report

  • Add Units Sold in summary
  • Add Days to Sell to details
  • Calculate average cost for missing COGS


Prep & Ship

  • Add ability to cancel shipments when editing

Scheduled Prep Center Report

Daily/weekly email prep client report. Includes total ordered, received/prepped, and shipped by client. Email support@scanpower.com to get it setup!



  • Add Brand column

Inventory Management

  • Add "All" filter

Prep & Ship

  • Add inventory tags to batch detail download



  • Add Search Type filter to buylist to filter specifically for ASIN, Title, UPC/EAN/ISBN, or Source



  • Fix in-stock variation throttling. No longer need to prompt
  • Add Estimated Monthly Sales